Finding Inspiration…

In Kim’s class (BeStill_oneYear Wiser) she discusses inspiration and where to find it…….this was also something from BeStill_52. I have a mood board on Pinterest and of course there is Instagram and Facebook, Flickr, 500px and so many more. I tend to jot down notes in my journal and screen capture shots.


This is one I grabbed recently………sorry I’m not pinching but I can’t remember who posted it! (sorry) Anyway I just love the idea of incorporating sparklers into some glass jars…… fabulous. I suppose you could use tea lights as well. I did a photo shoot once where a tea light was the only light source! Of course you need to use a tripod….could not hold still to catch a shot like this.

I think the smoke is an add in though………..does not look real. But one day I will try this. I have lots of ideas and plans……of which I will gradually add them to this blog.

I would love to show some of the images on my mood board, perhaps you can join me on Pinterest.




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