Light Study…

Light truly is magic isn’t? It is the essence of all life (well most of it anyway) and for photography it can make or break a simple photo. Darkness is just the absence of light……but you knew that right?

So I have made a simple study of my home and studio and looked at the light, really looked at it. Have you ever done that? Sure you can walk into a home and think, nice natural lighting or oh it’s so dark and moody? My home is mostly light and airy, I have lots of windows that let in light, I have a wonderful front room which faces the morning sun and my back patio area has the most amazing late afternoon light. I love to set up out there on those balmy Summer and Autumn evenings. I have shot there during the day as well.

Then there is a small little space behind the back shed, to look at it is not very exciting, but in the afternoon it has deep soft shadows and has a little bit of grass and an old timber table I put my clothes basket on when I’m hanging out the washing…………but it is super great spot for a little country, like the egg shot. This is actually one of the very first Still Life images I took when I started Kim Klassen’s BeStill_52 class! Isn’t the light just dreamy? That then brings me to the Studio……I have a garage which we have converted into a Studio; I do Portraits for clients (mostly pregnancy, newborns and children), I also run small, friendly workshops and of course my concept shoots and Still Life. The natural light is quite frankly, awful! But not all is lost, we just recently undertook some renovations to make more room and put in more light, of course I also have continuous lights and a speed lite as well. It’s amazing what you can do with some creative lighting; there is almost no natural light in the below shot.


I must say, that as much as I adore natural light, continuous light is fabulous for shoots……….I can take as long as I like to set up a shoot and the lighting will be exactly as I want it, I can walk away and go shopping, visit a friend, or just have a cuppa and the light will be the same! You can make it has harsh or soft as you like, I use diffuses and reflectors and soft sheer fabric to light through to makes things soft and pretty, I can add more lights to remove shadows or remove light and add hard, deep shadows. I honestly think the key to making it look natural is one light source (well we only have one sun, right) and using reflectors; blank canvas is brilliant.

~ Julz, xo



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