Top Down Story Telling…

A popular form of Still Life lately has been the Top Down layout, I must admit, it’s not actually a favourite due to the fact that it is not as easy as it looks! I like to keep mine simple on a patterned background as opposed to a lined background, easier for perspective, but it is something I will work on, I must work on in the coming months.

On Spoons

This first image is some fresh blueberries on one of my Grandmother’s antique silver dessert spoons, the backdrop is a mottled blue and white piece of fabric and it looks stunning in photos. I shot this with my 50mm Prime lens, most of my Still Life is shot with a 50mm prime lens.

Simple things-1-2

This is basic at it’s best (or is that worst) it is literally just some linen tea towels placed in a basket at intersecting angles and I have placed some pretty peonies on top. I guess one of the things that is a pain with the 50mm is that it places you too close and I have started using a 18-55mm lens to get me more range. We have a few different tripods and one of them lets me shoot directly above……..I need to try it out, normally I don’t shoot with that tripod as it is rather heavy (it’s my husbands), but in the studio I guess it doesn’t matter.

As for story telling…well I guess that is something I need to work on too, I guess it’s OK to have pretty pictures, but is there a story behind them? I’m not so sure.

~ Julz, xo


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