How much stuff is too much stuff…

A good question, isn’t it. I used to be in the lack of stuff category, in regards to Still Life. I have a few bits and pieces, but not much; or so I thought. In a former life I also used to paint Folk Art and run classes………honestly all that stuff. Anyway we recently had some renovation work done in my garage/converted studio space and I had to empty everything out………………..oh dear I have so much ‘stuff’. Add to that the backdrops, props for my portrait work, and it all starts to add up.

I don’t even have things like table tops, old doors, ladders and chairs, well I have one chair, but it’s not old, nor painted; one day

Week 6 Props-1-2

This is my go to old table top………it’s actually wall paper ssh! I can roll it up when I’m done, so that’s a bonus. I have a few vases and some fake flowers, I of course also shoot with real flowers too. Most of my backdrops are either black or white sheets! Cheap as chips and can just throw in the wash when they get grubby.


I only really have a couple of tea cups and saucers, one is vintage Royal Doulton from my Grandmother, so it’s lovely to use as well as having sentimental value. Other stuff I beg, borrow or….(no I don’t steal lol). I have been visiting op shop (or thrift stores) and junk shops……..have picked up a few treasures, but not a lot.


When I get back in the studio and sort through everything I will get a better idea on what I have and what I need. Oh and my latest treasures? Black gloss Perspex and a Sheet mirror. Doesn’t look great?


Well that is enough from me, I have had a busy day………….will spread things out a bit more from now on.Thanks for joining me on my journey.



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