Classic Still Life; Old Books…


This week I am looking at Classic Still Life images with old books; I really don’t have many books, a few I found while cleaning out the garage, and I indulged and purchased a 2nd World of Pooh book. I adored Winnie the Pooh as a child, so it felt right owning a old, loved copy. I think that perhaps I need to work more with books, this first image feels a little contrived, not natural.


Now I know we need to give ourselves the freedom to not have everything perfect, so I am showing a few images I am not overly happy with, this is another, I am happy for the most part with the set up, but something about the crate just isn’t right; the light perhaps? I guess I really do need to learn to slow down and play more, move things a little more here, a little more there, add things, take them away; I am getting there slowly.27279728910_39092fef98_h

It’s funny, I love this image, so soft, so natural, so aged…….and I did not even shoot it for the Book post, I just added it because I really like it.27348268835_c0677513fc_b

I think perhaps it is time to slow things down and really have a play; pick up, put down, shoot and repeat as it were.

~ Julz


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