Photo Study…


There is merit and misfortune in photo studies, is there not? I love to look at other people’s images on Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, but I am loathe to put them on my posts, it seems everytime I do it, I get in trouble lol. I am not pinching their work or their ideas I am being inspired by them. So as much as I would love to show you the photos, I wont…this time I will instead link them and you can go an have a look. But I will write why I like them, well at least try to.

Zeiss Love – Kim Klassen

I just love the light the mood, the subject isn’t it fabulous? So light and airy, the pop of colour from the flower and the aged browns and black in this old camera, so wonderful.

Blossoming – Just Josie

I just adore the drama in this image, the colours and shadows are so nice in complementing each each. Just the right amount of Bokeh in the composition and the subtle play of light.

May Flowers – Ania

Now this is soft and pretty, with lovely soft light, I really like the idea of the flowers in the old pitcher in what looks like an old suitcase, the textured overlay and script, just adds to it.

I won’t go on, there are 1000’s of 1000’s of images, all unique (well mostly), and all beautiful, or quirky and occasionally just plain weird; but that’s OK too. The point is you need to be your own voice, your own unique style and while there is beauty in each of these images, do we really want to copy or emulate?

I have noticed that I really do like the purple and mauves of lavender and wisteria and lilacs, old relics and boxes. They add interest, give a peek at a story they may have held. I have some old things, which are lovely to use; I have this old cobbler shoe horn (?) I have no idea where I got it from, have had it as a door stop since forever. The brown hessian is new, but I love the texture it adds to an image…..the background is just and old sheet crumpled and thrown on the studio floor, and then there are the keys. My wonderful husband found them one day recently during one of our many junk shop visits. I had mentioned to him only a few days before that I really wanted some old antique keys, and there were; I’m sure they are just replica, but they are perfect for me.


So I can totally see some loft lilacs or lavendar in this shot instead of the white rose, and maybe replace the hessian with white linen for a soft subtle look with a pop of colour. I also want to try a top down method where there placed most of the items inside a picture frame on the floor, it looked amazing and yet so simple.

~ Julz

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