Pictures without Words…

While watching videos and and reading notes on Kim Klassen One Year [Wiser], online course I got to meet Henry Lohmeyer, (virtually not in person) he has such powerful still life, and real life art, as a means of addiction therapy. And it is interesting to see how to create a story with no words with just a single image. It got me thinking (Kim said the same and I am sure we are not alone), can capturing a single image convey a powerful story……could a single post convey an entire message.

His love of B&W is obvious as well, a certain simplicity and vulnerability is attainable in B&W. Not everyone’s battle is so obvious, but we all need to have a life of intention, as well as photographing with intention…not just for the hell of it.


This image I took with the Lenka App on my smartphone at a Bicycle Coffee Shop, what does it say to you?

Henry discusses how he thinks that photography and posting his images is a replacement addiction and in some way I can understand that. I feel like I have an addictive personality, cigarettes (I did manage to quit a few years ago), coffee, eating, photography and blogging have become an obsession. Maybe I’m an obsessive personality rather than addictive? It’s also about self doubt – light bulb moment when he mentioned that……..even here I am explaining what each photo is about, because I worry in my self doubt that I have not conveyed a message? Boom!

No more talk………….unless I have something to say. Let the moments speak for themselves.wp-1465881667509.jpg

~ Julz, xo




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