A Quiet Study…

Jumping ahead to Month 3 in KK’s One Year Wiser class and she discusses the merits of spending a month in quiet reflection, and studying one or two particular artists which catches our eye. She encouraged us to look around at various different artists, styles and techniques. I did this, but mostly it was all similar to what I was already doing, pretty, soft and lovely. Then I found Harold Ross! Light Bulb moment, this man combines Light Painting with still life, as well as Outdoor Landscapes.I will be looking into his life, his work, his tutorials in an effort to gain a sense of how he achieves his master pieces. Then I found Aaron Jones & Richard Walker and the more in depth I looked the more engrossed in this Hosemaster Light Painting system I became.

I have decided that this is the style and these are the artists I wish to study in more detail. I have reached out to Harold Ross in a hope I can feature some of his amazing art on my blog, he has kindly said yes……..I am so excited to bring you just a few of my favourites.


Aren’t they just amazing? I will be working on images like this soon, very soon.

~ Julz, xo



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