Hello My Friends,

I don’t really journal/journal if that makes sense? But I do occasionally find that writing my thoughts down in a post, helps clear the mind……..I find myself in severe need for a clear head. I don’t often get into the mushy stuff.

I have so many projects on the go, it’s a complete whirlwind of activity, adding in a home life and a full time job as well. I find myself becoming a little anxious and overwhelmed. Not sure why, I’m not on a deadline or anything to get any of it done, these are my own projects, not work for a client (that is all under control). Normally when I feel overwhelmed I take a step back, go for a walk, shoot some still life – it’s like a form of meditation.Problem is I currently don’t have a studio to work in, I am having some renovations done and all my Props & Drops are packed up.

I never thought I would hear myself say this, but not being able to shoot any still life in the studio, is unnerving. I have some many ideas I jot down in a physical journal, scribbles, notes, even sample pics sometimes, as well as moods boards on Pinterest. I want to go and play, but I can’t. I hear you saying why shoot more, if you are overwhelmed with what you already have? I know, silly right? Still Life can sit in the camera or on the computer until I have time to edit……’s the actually setting up of the shoot that is relaxing, just one set up, I can have a cuppa, listen to music, click, move something a little, alter the lights a little, add some reflections, change a back drop, click, change a few more things, click. It doesn’t really take that long, maybe 30 minutes……….just to calm my mind and clear my head. That’s when everything is at my fingertips, not packed away in crates!!!!! Arrrrrggggg, so frustrating.

Breathe. Be still. Calm. Breathe…

~ Julz, xo


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