A quiet study continued…

I have not had a chance to try to replicate Harold Ross technique, which I have spoken about previously; but I have been watching lots of tutorials, and thinking about how to achieve this sort of thing. It got me thinking about Embracing My Space, I don’t NEED all that stuff to achieve a similar effect, right. Mostly my studio is now quite dark, so that is a bonus, I think I need to study further to make a mud map of what I wish to achieve. I have learned a lesson lately, about doing so much with nothing, quite freeing really

It has made me think about my style, I have said that I really have a whole Ying and Yang type thing going on, my Fine Art/ Conceptual Art is so dark, with rich colours and Creepy vibes………which is fine, but I would like a more moody, fairytale look. My Still Life is more light, bright and airy………perhaps I can add some richness to this as well, Harold Ross has some exquisite colours, so rich, so vibrant. HR_1

This is not to say there is an absence of light in this image….it’s superb, but it adds to the richness, he has this amazing way to add graduated, angled light on his images, so amazing… less is more.

You don’t need much, as long as you have your camera; your camera, any camera is great. I don’t have the latest and greatest camera, I don’t even have a full frame camera, but I can get great photos. The key is imagination and creativity……sure sometimes you just need that spark! of an idea to really spread our wings.

So that is where my head is at…..I am big on finding my style, my flow, slowing things down and shooting with intent, I tend to run around wanting to do everything at once and never settling long enough to concentrate and really work an idea to completion, or sitting with an idea for awhile, shoot, check, re shoot, check etc.

Just to change pace a little, another person I have recently been studying as well is Ainslee from Mysuburbanfarm, she is from Melbourne like me, I feel like I have met her before, from some of her photos, but can never get a really good look, anyway I adore her Still Life, so dark and moody, but rich and vibrant, so country old school. She has an amazing array of old stuff and tinware, oh my her tinware………check her out.

~ Julz, xo



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