Finding Inspiration…

Hello, My Friends,

Do you ever find yourself looking for inspiration? I know I do, where do you go; online, magazine, hunting through your own bits and pieces? I often do all that too, I have found one of my greatest sources of inspiration is on Pinterest.  Up until a year or so ago, I never really used it, now I use it all the time and not just for Still Life, I have mood boards set up for all sorts of things; concept shoots, clothes, studio set up, food, haircuts, newborns, kids, Christmas decorations and many others. it is a wonderful source of inspiration.Pinterest

The problem is until recently I have not been giving much back, I am happy to look on Pinterest, but rarely post my own stuff, sad but true. So I have been making a valiant effort of late to post more work. KK Put me onto a new online site called ITTT, I have only just started playing with it, but it is fairly easy and seems quite good for keeping ALL your Social Media up to date.

If you are like me I tend to post stuff off my phone on Instagram, and not my good art, occasionally I remember and put stuff up, but usually it’s random junk. Facebook, my personal page gets filled with lots of junk, but I am pretty good at getting my artwork all nice and net on my Photography Facebook page……Flickr is all good too (well mostly I suppose it could do with a tidy up), I’ve dropped the ball on Twitter and 500Px and a few others as well……….but you can’t do everything I have decided. So I will just keep on top of a few key areas; Facebook, WordPress, Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest.

~ Julz, xo


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