Month Seven, a little review…

Hello My Friends,

We have have crossed the halfway mark it seems, where does the time go? I swear the older you get the quicker time becomes. It’s true what they say…Time is Fleeting, I just never understood what that really meant when I was younger. So KK asks us to reflect on what we have learnt so far, not just with Still Life, but in Photography and Life in general.

Well I have learnt a lot about light……especially here in Australia, it is currently Winter and the light is quite poor, in Summer it is so harsh, but the mornings and evenings are truly magical. Truly good light is important in Still Life, I think if I had learned still life a few years ago I would have understood natural light, aperture settings and shutter speed so much more than I did. I struggled with certain concepts, now I feel like I understand them better. I know why to use a certain F/stop for a certain image, how the light will ‘feel’ in an image. I don’t think I truly understood that before.


Personally I have become more of a risk taker, not in a bad or dangerous way, but instead of just dreaming about something, I now just do it, or ask for it. I no longer dilly dally around the edges wishing I shoulda, coulda, woulda………you know what I mean? If an opportunity presents itself, I no longer ‘think’ about it, I grab hold with both hands and jump. I have found once you start, so many more opportunities present themselves. Twelve Months ago, I could never have imagined the things I have done and seen in my life, places I have travelled to and what I have achieved. Hey, I’m no Ms Perfect and I still have so much more to do, but now I don’t just wish to do things, I make them happen. I say YES! to possibilities and opportunities.

I have also learned to say No, why is it always so hard to say No? I say No to things that waste my time, or people, things I don’t really want to do……..Fear of Missing Out – FOMO, it’s a funny acronym and I went through a phase where I went from doing nothing, to doing everything and now I have settled into a good place….I do WHAT I WANT not what others want from me. I still say YES to opportunity, but now I don’t waste time on people, places or things that serve no purpose.

Now if only someone would clean my house, cook my meals and do the food shopping…

~Julz, xo


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