Accidental discoveries…

Hello My Friends,

This month it is all about Light, well every image is about light really, but this is more about the discovery of light and special little spots, where the Natural light is just gorgeous. I have a new spot in my studio, not a hidden treasured so much as a buried treasure; I had so much junk piled up in front of the only window I have, that I could not open the blind, but now after a major clear out and tidy up, I have access to it and the morning light in Winter is magical (I hope it will be all year round, but will have to wait to find out).

Still Life-249-Edit

I also have a spot during Summer in the afternoon and evenings where the light is superb, I can sit in my favourite chair and usually watch the fur kids play and lounge as the evenings cool down.

Then I have a special little spot I can use during the day, when the light should be harsh (well it is in Summer and Autumn), but it is soft and subdued. It’s a horrible little corner in my back garden, we store junk there, it’s where the washing line is and the garden shed, but when the light is right, I can use the horrible old wooden table and make magic happen.


Then when the light is just right (even if it’s artificial), you can make even the most mundane things look wonderful; I just adore these two pics..the light is soft and everything is neutral, with just a POP of colour. I am leaning more towards this type of shot lately, it feels very natural and comfortable to me to shoot.

So where is your favourite spot to shoot, do you have different areas at different times of the day or even different seasons? I am sure you do…..the light is very different in Winter than in Summer. Try shooting something in the same spot at different times of the day, and during the different seasons and I am sure you will notice a big difference.

~ Julz,xo


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