Add a Human Touch…

Hello My Friends,

Playing a little catch up, finally got around to Month 5; A Human Touch…

This is possibly going to sound horrible, but this is one element I find difficult as a style with Still Life……a human touch. I like my Still Life un-obscured by humans as it were. I don’t mind leaving a few tell tale signs of human interference, like a bit of spilled milk or coffee, cookie crumbs or fallen petals; but I don’t think I like people in my shots…..or maybe it’s just me I don’t like in my shots.

Near empty tea cup and spilled tea, cut flowers etc
About to pour the tea

Perhaps this is a style I need to push myself to pursue, or even ask some friends to help out with. This is one I did last year with a Puppy Touch; my Dog Chloe smelling fresh cut flowers in the backyard. I really like this one; outside, natural light and no Human in it.


Tell me, do you like a Human Touch in your images? Have you tried?

~ Julz, xo


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