On the hunt for Backgrounds…

Hello My Friends,

Sometimes it’s nice to find different backgrounds for various photos, we don’t always wont the same thing, do we? A little while ago I did a shoot with four different backgrounds, just to see how it changes the mood of a piece; nothing else was changed, only the background.


Now I have my secret weapon in this piece……..that old timber table top, ssh it’s really some wallpaper! Seriously, but it looks so good.


I have this gorgeous brick wall in the studio, it’s fabulous and the window for my morning sun is just to the left of this shot. I don’t have an old wooden ladder, I wish I did, but I have a new ladder (Which I usually am standing on to shoot down, or grab something off the top shelf). Love the old paint smock, so messy and colourful and am currently loving these hydrangeas.

JuliePowell_SS_Week 5 Backgrounds-1

JuliePowell_SS_Week 5 Backgrounds-1-2

This piece of plain VJ Board from the local Bunnings (Hardware store chain) was a great find, already undercoated and was an off cut, but big enough for my needs. One day I might even paint it. That is the floor in most of the studio, I have the aged timber as well as concrete.

JuliePowell_SS_Week 5 Backgrounds-1-3

JuliePowell_SS_Week 5 Backgrounds-1-4

~Julz, xo


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