Celebrating achievements…


Hello My Friends,

How are you? Have you ever looked back on your photos and see how far you have come on your journey? I am not necessarily talking about your life’s journey…although that can be fun to do, especially with loved ones, but your photographic journey?

After a little coaxing from KK for Week 10 of her My Still Sunday, I have decided to look back on some of my Still Life images and pick four of my favourites.

This is one of the very first photos I took when I started my country inspired, Still Life photos (as opposed to Master Painters inspired images). It is simple and understated. Soft, natural colours and earthy tones. I love the bokeh background of grass and dirt with the rough timber and hessian textures, softened by the white china bowl and eggs. This was shot in late afternoon on a hot humid autumn day. The deep shadows in this spot (behind the garden shed) and so cool and diffused at this time of year)


This is another older shot, even though I am not a huge fan of top down style, I do like this one. There are no real lines to define the piece (It was shot with an old sheet on the floor) I have used the same piece of hessian, but added an old last I usually use as a door stop and some giant antique keys I picked up in a junk store. Even the rose is fake! This was shot on the floor in front of the open studio door, soft morning light and I love the desaturated colours and moody feel of the metal.


This one got lots of comments and like when I first posted on Instagram and Facebook, I mean who doesn’t love cookies and milk (OK so it’s lactose free milk and gluten free cookies – but still). I shot this using my secret weapon, my roll of wallpaper that looks like aged wood. Simply spread it out on a table top and voila……old table! This was backlit on a harsh autumn afternoon, but taken within the shadows of the studio, I also added a side reflector or bounce board to give back some of the light coming in from behind (on a 45 degree angle). I really love the soft muted feel, the natural textures of the wood grain and the cookies.


This is my current favourite……..do you do that have a current favorite? Then you have a new favourite and so on. I was trying to create something Utilitarian for a photo challenge and figured cutlery on a napkin was fairly utilitarian. Lovely linen napkin place over the top of another, using my Grandmother’s antique silver cutlery (fast becoming another favourite). I placed this on a piece of VJ board. I originally had it facing the other direction and it seemed a little flat, so I tied some hessian ribbon around it, still flat. As I was looking around the studio I saw this dying flower (cosmos?) and babies breathe and placed them between the napkins……a few loose petals fell and I thought it needs a few more………so I pulled a few more petals and sprinkled them around.

I adore the pop of purple against the neutral pallette I also used a slightly lower F/stop  to create some drama between the flower in focus and softening off as you look back. The soft subtle side light glinting off the cutlery.

Spark 1 - Utilitarian

So what are you favourite images? What do you think of my selection?

~ Julz, xo



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