Hello My Friends, how are you? I have been playing with some new bits and bobs in the studio and creating a vignette.

“It’s told through using an arrangement of smaller objects gathered together to tell a tale that is only yours. It can be as simple or as grand as you like; a pile of seashells in different sizes gathered from a distant seaside trip laid out on a shelf, to a Metro ticket, a small plastic tacky Eiffel Tower and a Champagne cork from Paris treasured as souvenirs on a mantle.”

– Kara Roselund


Books are the key to knowledge it is said, while flowers bring me joy and a sense of harmony………what does this image say to you?

I also painted the rose tray, a life time ago ( or so it seems now), playing with a new earthenware jug, some magnolia blossoms and new timber table top. I think next time I should attempt a photo series on how I style items for a shoot.

~ Julz,xo


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  1. I love this image, but I’m not really sure why. I think it has something to do with the desaturated color. It’s simple and beautiful. Great work!

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