Hello My Friends,

How are you? I had an amazing weekend and I promise I will share some pretty pictures with you, but for now I thought I would show this piece…….looks like someone’s birthday doesn’t it?

The image is OK, but I thought I would critique it…have you ever done that? The actual shot is OK, I like the basic composition, however so much more could be done with it.


I like the brown bag and tags, very festive, but perhaps positioning a little better to avoid as much shadow? The wine bottle is colourful and interesting, but martini glasses? Perhaps red wine goblets would have looked better….same layout, and perhaps a touch of wine in the glass standing up? The Frangipani…very pretty, but it doesn’t quite have the festive air, perhaps a bigger bunch of flowers with a hessian or ribbon bow? Would you give your best friend a sad bunch of flowers like that for her birthday? Also the timber ‘table top’ is not quite flat and straight on the right hand side. Perhaps some confetti or streamers could have added to the celebrations. Also using a preset with a touch more light and colour? Make it all look a little more festive.


OK So here is the re shoot, I haven’t really changed all that much, swapped out the glasses and poured some wine, added a few more presents and a pretty bunch of hydrangea tied with hessian bow. Same principal is still there, as well as background and such. Also added a lighter preset to soften the overall feel.

~ Julz, xo


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  1. Great idea: criticising your photo and than posting a new version. This way we can learn something as well. Thank you!

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    1. thanks……….I almost put the new one in another post, but thought this would be better. Glad you liked it. Perhaps I should do more?

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