Lovely Back Lighting…


Back Lighting has to be one of my favourites when it comes to pretty still life, it never used to be. It’s good to start off with some basics, try top down with some nice back lit, much easier than trying to shoot straight on. Don’t forget to use spot metering to get your exposure right for your subject and not the background…


Then try a 45 degree angle, just bringing in a touch of the back light……watch your shadows and keep spot metering…Backlit-1-2

Then try shooting straight on with the light directly behind your subject. On A really bright day try diffusing the light with some linen, lace or sheer fabric. Spot metering is quite essential here, try adjusting your exposure 1-2 stops up as well, your camera will try and drop everything down to expose for the bright light.Backlit-1-3

Love a good book and a cup of tea in the gardens, don’t you?

~ Julz, xo



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