Playing with Light…

Hello again,

I have been playing with light, but not natural light this time. I placed some lovely delicious pears on some glossy black perspex and then setting up my shot (focus, composition and such) I then turned the studio lights off (I did this at night). Using a continue bulb light (no umbrellas or soft boxes) and I created a homemade Snoot from a long tube of cardboard (I didn’t take a pic of it sorry, but there is similar listed here). Just be careful as the lights can get hot and cardboard and paper do burn!

Anyway doesn’t give amazing light? The objective of the snoot is to give a directional light source, as opposed to throwing it over a whole area. You can actually see on the pear, where the light is brightest, where I had the snoot pointed.

PearsPears 2

Moody and dramatic huh? I juts love it, and will definitely play some more.

~ Julz, xo

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