Bottle & Twine…

Hello my Friends and welcome back,

Have you ever just stopped think that “You are currently exactly right WHERE you are meant to be!” I sometimes feel like the planets are in alignment or something. I have so many things all dropping into the right place at the right time, or I am at the right place at the right time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gloating; I am celebrating. After what felt like years of turmoil and health issues, I feel like creatively everything is coming together.

If you have not hit your mark yet, or are still striving to find your way, stick with it, hopes and dreams and hard work do pay off eventually. It all boils down to HOW much you really WANT something.

Anyway back to the post title………one of Kim Klassen’s The Studio inspiration prompts, I am doing Studio 2.0, which gives me access to the old Studio prompts, great lessons and ideas and tutorial on everything from Lightroom, Photography, Props, shoots, set ups and styling, through to fonts, Photoshop techniques, Instagram and various other Social media platforms, I have found it invaluable, as well as such a friendly and supportive environment.

This was actually prompt #4 Bottle and Twine…… Mum bought these flowers a few weeks back and they have featured in a few shots I have done, they are almost spent now, but still a little bit of live left in the once were buds.

DSC_0597A touch of drama

Used various KK LR Presets, mainly Chocolate, Caramel and Rumpled…….love the dark and moody ones.

~Julz, xo


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