Hello again,
Kim Klassens Studio2.0 hit it off again a few days ago, with our first of many Sparks (as in to Spark the imagination), was Foraging. Can’t say this is something I really enjoy, as I live in Suburbia and foraging usually means rifling through someone else’s gardens… not something I am terribly comfortable doing. I did do a little foraging, on a recent weekend away.
gerund or present participle: foraging
  1. (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions.
    “the birds forage for aquatic invertebrates, insects, and seeds”
    • obtain (food or provisions) by searching.
      “a girl foraging grass for oxen”
    • search (a place) so as to obtain food.
      “units that were foraging a particular area”
It’s Spring here now, which means Magnolias are just starting to bloom, as are the Plum trees, the lemon trees are overloaded and wild flowers will be out soon.
So I guess this is what I have been Foraging, I have some new props and drops I have foraged as well, but I’ll leave that for another post.
~ Julz, xo

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  1. Carol says:

    Lovely images, especially them lemons.

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  2. Excellent light colors!

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