Light Sculpting…


way back in June I wrote a post about my study of mixing Light Painting and Still Life, or Light Sculpting. I exhibited some wonderful images by Harold Ross. I read everything I could find on light painting or sculpting and watching many hours of tutorials. I had a friend make up a special light wand for me to use.

Last week I finally had all my stars in alignment and started to play. The first offering was also using natural light, it was late afternoon, so quite dark, but still the light is subtle.


Then put a red rose on black perspex and turned out the lights, just playing with various settings and colours,


I then got up close (still in the dark) and tried lighting various bits of the rose, from up close, but behind a diffuser.


Then getting quite game I tried for something large and more complex, I love the overall result, even though I need to remember to light the background further and perhaps using white cloth and white china, is harder than it seemed, too bright.


OK so not quite on the same level as Harold Ross……yet! But in time I hope to get there.

~ Julz, xo

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