Online classes…

Hello or maybe I should start saying G’day? 🙂

I make no secret of the fact that I am a Kim Klassen devotee, there are a lot of us, I don’t think there is a class she runs I have not seen or taken. Have you been to her website, taken a look, there are lots of things available –

Her latest  offering is the Studio 2.0, where there is lots to see, and do and learn, wonderful creative people to meet and find inspiration and encouragement, as well as receive it. One thing I have not mastered as yet is the whole slow it all down, way down…..I tend to move at a quicker pace and I get impatient a lot, having to wait a whole month for a new prompt or ‘Spark’ as Kim calls them can be frustrating for me. But I am working on it, and spending more time on one prompt, I must confess I used to make a few quick notes, do a  few shoots and move onto the next thing. This month I have been doing a few more on one single subject. This month has been abundance and I have been doing various Spring Blossoms and loads of lemons.

Need to create a few more images before all the lemons are gone, I have really enjoyed working with lemons, very strange to take such great delight in a simple piece of fruit, isn’t it. The thing is, when you do slow things down and do look, I mean really look, some things are truly amazing; the look, the feel, the texture, the smell…

Want to know a little secret? Maybe this is just the geeky inner fan girl here, but just Kim’s voice relaxes me! If I am stressed or having a bad day, I sit back and watch a video or two, yes – her work is beautiful, and she is a beautiful person, but her voice is so soothing……there I’ve said it. I am sure she’ll cringe if she ever reads this, but who am I kidding, she has so many people doing her classes, she can’t hope to view everyone’s ‘stuff’ so I should be safe.

Now don’t get me wrong I do other online classes, but not for Still Life, I also do a lot of concept art and post about that on my other blog.

Well that’s enough of my ranting for awhile, yes I adore Kim’s work and her videos and tutorials, if you have not been to her website or done a class…….seriously do yourself a favour.

~ Julz, xo


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