Spark – The Pour…


Month two of KK Studio 2.0 features The Human Touch this month, as you probably know by now, I really don’t like to be on ‘that’ side of the camera often, but occasionally I am left with little choice. To be honest sometimes it is easier to run a shoot with myself as model and director, if not a little complicated; especially when the batteries in my remote are dead.


So here is two slightly different version of the same shot, one high and one low, I think I even used the same Lightroom Preset on them; KK Rumpled. As you can see I had some morning light coming in from the right hand side through the studio door, I was trying not to cause too much shadow but still had to stand near the camera (dead remote trigger remember). So with a tethered remote and some manoeuvring, I managed to get a few shots.

dsc_2306 This is more of a BTS type shot, no real processing, as you can see my new white backdrop desperately needs a good steam (On my To Do List), and if you look closely you can see my beautiful Moroccan teapot is leaking everywhere all over my VJ Board table top, no wonder they sold it so cheap. 🙂

Something else I noted, I saw a comment on Facebook how using water is not very realistic, so I chose to use black tea……… still looks like water! Oh my goodness, back to coffee on the next one I think, but coffee in a lovely tea set just isn’t right. That china belonged to my Grandmother, I actually have two cup and saucer sets. The Clivia (yellow flowers) were fresh picked from the garden this morning as well, and yes still a lemon or two hanging around.

So I am not overly happy with this shot and want to shoot another, well I do have a month to play with this spark…….possibly something a little less old fashioned?

~ Julz, xo



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