Dried Roses update…

Hello my friends,

I have been kind of busy with life lately and that does not always leave as much room as I would like for my Still Life. I have a sick Turtle, a sick Cat and an injured dog……..nothing major with the car or dog, but the turtle is becoming more and more troubling. Pets they worm their way into your life and leave very large holes when they depart. But enough of that.

I thought I would check in on my Roses I left to dry the other week they are coming along quite nicely, I think – how do you know when they are done?


They still feel a little soft? Perhaps I will leave then hanging for a little while longer. I swear the edges are becoming more colourful as they dry out and a more graduated colour through out each petal, same with the stems and sepals.

~ Julz, xo



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