Human Touch, The Pour…

Hello, another couple of images doing the rounds on Social Media, #ThePour another spark from KK Studio 2.0. I did one last week, much more traditional in feel, but for this version I wanted something fun, without the teacups and milk jugs. What I didn’t take into consideration is how HARD it would be to hold and pour a cocktail shaker steady to 2.5 seconds for this long exposure shot.


I do admit the blurred hand and liquid does add to the feel of the shots. So how was it shot?

Set up two martini glasses on black perspex, surround with Christmas lights (there is also my light wand buried under the lights as well, I used black board for the background, I have also added a glow stick to the glass on the right, but it is very hard to see. I then placed my camera on a tripod and using a remote trigger, I slowly poured the blue liquid into the sugar rimmed (dip glass into bowl of water and then onto a flat plate coated in sugar or salt) glasses. This is shot in the dark and is a 2.5 second exposure, ISO100, F/4.0 at 24mm. Sometimes it’s fun to think outside the box.

~ Julz, xo


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