Tea Time take 2…


last week I posted some images of the dogs (and a cat) in the studio for KK Tea Time Prompt, and I thought I would take another shot at it.


It looks too staged, too cluttered, perhaps should have used more coffee (or tea) in the cup….should have focused more on the cup?

Perhaps I should have removed the jackets from the chair, and tablet and stuff from the table shelf, but this is my life, real life, that is my chair and table and ‘stuff’. The jackets stops the cat from scratching the back and top of the chair, my junk sits on the little shelf, books, magazine, my e-reader, my tablet etc.

Actually I must one day take a shot of the top of my coffee table. Under the glass sit postcards from friends from all over the world. I ask them to bring them home from the travels, so I can look at them daily as a reminder to get off my butt and live life!

And the magazine? Well that is My Issue, the one where I was featured artist…….that’s one of my artwork pieces on the cover. A VERY big and exciting step in my life as an artist.

Well that’s about it from me, time to move onto another Spark. What will spark your imagination?

~ Julz, xo



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