Smartphone Photography…


there are some truly amazing images being taken with Smartphones these days, mine are really not among them. I have a Sony smartphone, you would think it would have a better camera, due to the amazing mirrorless cameras Sony does………..but anyway….I don’t have a fancy new Samsung or iOS, but I thought I would try again with some Still Life, So I took this shot in the studio and edited it in PS Express Mobile.


After quite a bit of editing it is not too bad, highlights are a bit clipped in certain spots, but overall not too shabby. Mind you I find that editing on such a small screen such a pain, perhaps next time I’ll try my tablet, much better camera for starters (Samsung), even if it is quite old; but the bigger screen would make it much easier to work with.

Do you shoot and edit with mobile technology? What do you use; phone and editing software? I hear good things about VSCO but it just seems overly complicated to my poor feeble brain, lol

~Julz, xo




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