Rustic Table Decor

Hello my friends,

I trust you are all well? I was recently received an email from a lovely lady, after she saw my beautiful dahlia photos, she shared a  website from Arhaus,  they have some wonderful furniture. Anyway I have decided to share some table decor ideas/images now that we are past the whole Christmas/New Year festive season and all the decorations are packed away. It was a cute idea, but it started to unravel when I went to shoot.


This is part of my Pintrest feed, lovely aren’t they, lots of lovely tables…… table might be lovely but not exactly photo worthy……… much clutter everywhere and not shabby chic clutter lol. I am thinking some serious de-cluttering is required in my household.

Natural lighting is perhaps not the way to go here either…… I gave up on this attempt and went back to what I know, some serious Still Life, in the studio. Frangipani on giant banana tree leave (Don’t forget it’s Summer here), and then some scented timber flowers in a glass jar……..something tall and pretty for a smaller table.

Ahhhh!……………. much better……………now what’s this post about again? Oh Yes Rustic Table Decor. Why rustic? Well it is old, weathered and simple (Mmmm sounds like me). The premise of this setting is old stuff that is probably lying around, I have an old timber box I store bits and pieces in, old jam and pickle jars (cleaned) some soy tea lights and daisies from the garden (or grocery store). I also have switched the jars for old glass bottles of mismatched shapes and sizes and some perfumed wooden flowers

On the old timber shabby chic table, they look divine don’t they? Next week I might look into the whole table setting again, I just need to re think this some more, now time for a cuppa?


For more inspiration or to look at some truly gorgeous furniture check out like these dining room tables  or check out, Pintrest, IG……#tabledecor #Arhaus #Decorating #summerliving #still life

~ Julz, xo


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