Shabby Chic Table Decor

So last week I did a post on Rustic Table Decor, with which I commented that I was not over impressed with my kitchen table images. It is actually a little dark in there and it didn’t have the ‘right’ feel for what I wanted. My Kitchen area is very rustic/country meets modern country, but it just wasn’t coming across in the images………time to re think. I know I can stage lovely Still Life, just time to stage something slightly bigger.

I live in Australia and we do quite a bit of outdoor entertaining, due to our wonderful weather, so I decided to move it all outside to my wonderful, light filled entertaining area. I decided to go with a more shabby chic styling, but still using household items and these amazing bright pink gerbera I found at the market.

So I set up as I would for friends, and started shooting, a few minor adjustments here and there, and voila – gorgeous table setting for a casual dinner with friends. The centre piece for this again being the soy candles in jam and pickle jars, plus the pink gerbera and some gypsophila in round glass fishbowls (well they look like fish bowls, but no fish in mine 🙂 ), I also placed the flowers in individual glass bottles in that lovely rustic wooden box too; so fresh and simple.

Now this could easily have been used as the centerpiece for an inside table as an outside one. Bring a touch of Spring to a cloudy day, or to freshen up a drab corner……..we could also use some bright and pretty. Follow these links for some really lovely dinning room tables or even some fantastic outdoor tables, from the lovely people at

~ Julz


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