Playing with Snapseed

I recently got a new Smartphone and this time I went for the Samsung S7 with the better camera……….I have always like the Samsung camera and made a big mistake switching to Sony last time. So now I have a new phone (which everything works, I can take and make phone calls again, and the touch screen works… me this is exciting after having a barely functioning phone for awhile 🙂 ). So I thought I would venture into the world of still life, Snapseed and maybe some other apps

Original with a few tweaks in Snapseed
With a lot of tweaks in Snapseed – I like the watercolour painting effect
Halftone in Sketch Guru

It’s been awhile and I found I barely shot with the camera phone due to the poor quality. I have friends who have the same camera and they did not have half the problems I did, obviously just a poor quality build on mine, or they got lucky?

Anyway on with the new, I can shoot in Raw and work in Lightroom Mobile on this camera, so colour me excited. OK, OK so I wont be casting off the Nikon yet, still can’t beat it, but sometimes I just want a quick shot, could be bothered lugging all the gear around, so I have my camera phone and also the Olympus camera as well.

~ Julz

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