Welcome to My Creative Journey

Find your way to peace, quiet and creative calm in this online Still Life class. Feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired…… Life a little less than creative? Lost your Mojo or not really sure WHERE to start?

I am So excited to do this online class, I have been wanting to do this for a quite while, sort of like an extension to my Still Life Workshops, I have finally decided to just jump in, as there never seems a right time to do something, you just DO IT!
Each week I am going to bring you a new lesson, a new theme and challenge, for 12 weeks. This will also be on both WordPress and my Facebook Page, I would love you to join in and hashtag your images #mysundaystills and the weekly prompt.

But first, let’s dive in…

My Creative Journey is a weekly class….. with a new lesson each Sunday, but feel free to make your way through the class at your own pace. Did I mention that this is 100% FREE!

Why do this class?

Are you drawn to still life photos?….Maybe you scroll through pinterest, instagram… beautiful blogs…admiring all the pretty pictures…longing to make some of your own…or maybe… you’ve gotten caught up in life’s busyness and would love to find your way back to some calmness and quiet creativity?

  • Could you use a little more calm and stillness in your life?
  • Wanna make prettier pictures to share on your own feed?
  • Are you willing to gift yourself a little time to besee and create?
  • Want a boost and some inspiration to get you back into shooting?
  • Not 100% sure where to start, what camera settings to use, or not confident off Auto?

If your answers are yes, to any of these…then this class might just be for YOU.

My wish…


  • put yourself first (just for a little bit), take some time to be, see and grow as a photographer
  • learn to embrace the process of creativity and get inspired weekly
  • learn to make and take beautiful pictures along the way.
  • Share and inspire each other in a group of like minded people, foster friendships and just have fun

Class Content Includes

  • 12 weekly lessons
  • tips, tricks and suggestions for making stills (including behind the scenes photos and videos).
  • a prompt or inspirational idea to for each lesson
  • Content is be a mix of inspiration, with still life photography, tips & tricks & techniques.

This Class is for You if:

  • You love still life photography, but you’ve lost your mojo? your inspiration? your spark? This could be your reStart.
  • You have a camera and a desire to capture and create beautiful Still Life through photography.
    (Smart Phone, Point & Shoot or DSLR cameras are all welcome. Students are encouraged to make the most of their camera of choice).
  • This is something you have always wanted to try, but were never sure where to start

~ Want to join us?

Check back each Sunday for a new class to be released, or sign up for my email newsletter and never miss a class, sign up on my Contact Page.

So WHEN does it start, I hear you ask…very, very soon – I will send out an email and make an announcement on my Facebook page once we are up and running.

Oh and just in case you missed it, this is 100% FREE!

FromWhere I stand

~ Julz, xo

3 Comments Add yours

  1. tildy1 says:

    Count me in! Thank you for doing this!


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