Live, Laugh, Share and Create Workshop #1

As some of you may, I am sure are aware I have set up a new online classroom with a Private Facebook Group, My Creative Journey you can join in too if you wish – it is totally free. I am now hosting to several different countries, but it did start with a group of women fairly local to me in Australia.

Of this first group who joined up, we had a get together in my studio Live, Laugh, Share and Create this is the first group I had on Saturday and I have another group coming this weekend as well…too many for one group.

It is really no different from my normal Still Life workshops, apart from the fact that these students had already done two months of learning and I did not need to cover the basics and we could get into some more creative stuff, lighting, staging etc.

We still had three workstations set up; natural light, dark and moody and artificial light. Just to make it more fun I asked each person to bring along some props or a background they had found, so we could all play…and of course, they all went to town with my props too. Everyone brought lunch and several brought some delicious cakes and slices (also photographed) and then eaten!

These are just a few of the images I managed to capture, I was however frequently too busy to shoot.

Happy snapping…

~ Julz, xo

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