My Creative Journey – Week 10


This week is a little bit of a tough one, we have spent the last couple of months exploring light, now we are going to Explore the Backlight. It is gorgeous but can be challenging. This week we are really going to change things up…and ease our way into ‘backlighting’…it’s entirely possible some of you are already doing just that, but never really thought about it, or tried it and found it difficult. Perhaps you tried it and fell in love with it? Then it is definitely time explore it some more.

Exploring the Backlight…

Backlighting…simply means the ‘subject’ is lit from behind… we will begin with a top-down flat lay, which I know some of you are clapping your hands in joy, some are groaning, stick with it…

  • Gather your bits & pieces, your linens….. all the items you need to tell your story….. in advance….Be ready ‘when the light is right.’ remembering when the light is just right in your favourite spot, from week 1.
  • Set your scene with the light directly behind it & take progressive shots as you are styling. Make small adjustments and re-shoot, remember digital is cheap.
  • If the light is harsh, filter it…. If the light is low… use a little bounce. Now even though your light source is directly behind your scene, we do NOT want direct sunlight coming in through that source. Find a time of day when the light is a little softer and not as direct.
  • If you did Week 5 ‘challenge’ you may have some great possibilities for your backdrop as well.
  • Use the same bits and pieces on more than one backdrop…Play & Experiment….use the same props in 2 different shoots.

Tip: You should still be able to use Spot Metering on your camera, just check how well the overall image is lit. If it is too close to the light source (ie; Window) the back of the image may get blown out, while the front is well lit, try moving your subject or scene a little further away from the light source to even the light out a little.

Tip: Don’t forget to bounce some light back into the FRONT of your image, white cardboard a reflector or some perspex.


Week 10 Video – Password – MCJ Week 10

Don’t forget to share and hashtag #MyCreativeJourney #Backlight

~ Julz, xo

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