My Creative Journey – Week 11


Last week back we started looking at back-lighting….This week…we’re going a little deeper … shooting straight into the light…Some think it is super hard, but with a little know-how, and practise it is very rewarding, that soft dreamy backlight, I use it on still life, but also with portraits!

Look into the light…

Oh C’mon I had to say that! But seriously when you look or shoot directly into the light what happens, everything else is dark and hazy, you cannot see clearly, right? So we need to balance the background light to the ambient light in our scene.

The Challenge…

Place a table, chair or crate in front of a window. Try to do this at a time of the day when the light is NOT coming directly in through your window, if there is still very strong light, try diffusing it a little with sheer fabric, baking paper, even a shower curtain. Set up your scene, you are going to shoot directly into the backlight, you will also probably have to shoot straight on or on a slight angle. Using something to ‘bounce’ the light back onto your subject, a reflector is good, but if you don’t have one you can use some white perspex, white card or foam board, or even some tinfoil (like you use for cooking). You will need to angle it around and move it a bit to make sure it reflects back to your subject on the right angle ( you’ll know when you see it. You may have to even prop it up to take your shot, get creative.

Tip: Using spot metering, meter your hero, how does it look? as long as there is enough light for all the details, it does not matter so much if your background gets blown out – we do not want the background details just that lovely soft dreamy light. If you get stuck, ask for help. This is a difficult one for many, remember you may have to over expose for best results.

Tip: Try using something brightly coloured, makes it easier for the camera to pick up and focus on, also makes it easier for metering

Tip: This is a technique which can be frustrating and difficult at first, but with perseverance and patience makes for some truly pretty pictures, not just Still Life, but many different photography genres, don’t forget it is great for portraits as well.

BTS and Edit + Macro Ring Light Comparision – password MCJ Week11

backlightring light

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~ Julz, xo


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