My Creative Journey – Week 12

It’s kind of sad here right at the end of the original class I have had to change the name, was My Sunday Stills now My Creative Still Life Journey.


Well now, twelve weeks, Congratulations! What have you learnt? How much have you grown, as a photographer, a stylist, a creative? What has been your favourite so far? I have tried to cover various different elements, but there is so much I have left out, so much still to discover. Perhaps you would like to learn more?


This week we are going to try for the bare minimum look, but still keep it interesting, beautiful and engaging. Often this style of photography is difficult to get right. Photographers are all too eager to pile up the subjects and clutter an image. We are after lots of Negative Space and One Hero, often Black and White (but not always) and frequently with long or deep shadows (again not always).

Silhouettes are similarly used with this type of genre, but details can be just as important. Check out this Pinterest Mood Board, some great ideas. Perhaps try something new, never shot a Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom or Laundry themed shoot, or a colour choice ie: green leaves on crisp white, what about a Human Touch, I know is sometimes thought of as Lifestyle or Food Photography, but it still falls under Still Life category.


Behind the Scenes Video – Password MCJ Week12

Lightroom & Photoshop Edit Video – Password MCJ Week12


I’ll be back next week for a bit of a recap…

~ Julz, xo

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