My Creative Journey – Final Note

To Finish Off…

This short course was a dream come true for me, I adore teaching and inspiring others and I have wanted to create something like this Class, this Group for a while. I wanted to see if A/ I could do it B/ If people would join and keep at it C/ If I could teach, inspire and help people without actually being there in person. It met all my expectations, I certainly hope it met all of yours. While it was a lot of work, I proved to myself that I can do it.

I really would like to thank each and everyone of you for the awesome work you all put in, but also your friendships, and your faith in me. You have shown me (and everyone else) your creativity, your imagination and your artistic soul. In some ways I think I have learnt just as much as you say you have. Finally I hope I have sparked your imagination & creativity? And…a LOVE for Still Life.

Your last Assignment

I would love if you took your very first image from the class and then look at each week’s image, can you see the marked improvement, the change, the creativity and inspiration, how it has evolved? Some of you were quite good to start with, but have still made a jump forward, some of you have come such a long way, I am truly happy for you. Now put side by side your very first image and either the last one, or you favourite, share with the world, or at least this group and be proud of what you have achieved, I know I am. XX

So what’s Next?

I am sure by now you have all seen the platform, and the heard or read about the new For the Love of Food food photography class, I do hope you will look at joining us. I am going to take a short break and then I am coming back to create a whole new class; cover more, learn more…more styles, more themes, more techniques. MORE. I have decided to continue to run a self-paced class on as well as My Creative Journey which is there as well. Self-paced means less stress and more time to cover each topic, learn variations and delve deeper each technique & style, and you can learn at YOUR OWN PACE.

Are you interested? Are you IN? I know several of you have already joined up and started my new For the Love of Food class, I would love to hear. Perhaps you have friends who may be interested? I will leave the #MyCreativeJourney Dashboard up for now, but have moved it over to Teachable and use it as sort of like a Beginners Course to Still Life. I will also keep the awesome Facebook Group going, I love the interaction, the inspiration and ideas and the friendships that are there.

With heartfelt thanks

Julz, xo

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