Table and plate – coming soon

Coming soon…

I am really excited to announce that I will soon be launching a new online class all about food photography. This year food photography has really become almost an obsession for me, as well as vintage kitchen still life to go along with it. Why not combine all of that into yet another class.

In this day and age where everything is packaged and filled with artificial flavours and colours, there is a real movement to head back to REAL food; fresh, delicious and wholesome recipes, no fads, no tricks…simple home-cooked meals. These are not meals that take forever to prepare either. I have created each and every dish in my own house, often staples in my own diet.

Just because it is home-cooked, it does not mean it can’t look great too. Come with me behind the scenes as I create each dish, style and stage the scene for these yummy recipes. Learn how to make candied fruit, frozen berries, quick and easy chocolate bowls and leaves, staging, styling and so much more.

Learn the best lighting, the best angles, the best props and how to edit and bring it all together, whether just for fun or to further your own photography or food journey. Are you a blogger and want to learn HOW to present better images? Do you want to create your own stunning recipe or cookbook? In these modules, you will learn all of the above and more. We cover breakfast, snacks and entrees, lunch, dinners and of course desserts.

Want to learn more about Table and Plate? Here is a link to my website, class opens 1st October, look out for opening specials.

~ Julz

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