Festive Friday – Mini Plum Puddings

Good old fashion Christmas really does call for a Plum Pudding, doesn’t it? Well in my family it did, and I mean did…Moth and the kids don’t really like it, I cannot because of the ingredients. Quite sad really, I have memories of my Nan putting small coins in the pudding, surprised we didn’t get lead poisoning and more broken or chipped teeth. Still, that was my childhood Christmas tradition. Nan is long passed and while my Aunt still makes it with butter brandy (mmm my favourite) and custard…I just cannot eat it.

I did recently have a Product Photography Workshop, which fell in December and I offered up some mini plum puddings which I decorated with white chocolate and spearmint leaves and cherries.

The plum puddings I bought from the supermarket, but you could make your own. I sadly do not have Nan’s recipe. You can buy a larger one and break it up and moisten with some brandy or Cointreau and roll into small mini bite-sized ones and drizzle with white chocolate and decorate. You can even put a glazed cherry in the middle as a yummy surprise!

Would you like to learn more about capturing images like this? Check out ‘Table and Plate’ food photography online class.

~ Julz


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