Exploring styles – One subject three ways

This week we are going to look at doing something a little different and have a little play. Using the same subject but shooting OR editing Three different ways. This is great at stretching your creativity and also learning about different backgrounds and what can and doesn’t work, also with looking at different editing styles.

One Subject Three Edits…

OK, so this is the easy way in that you only need one photo and you can use an old photo, no need to take a new one. Then in Lightroom, Photoshop or whatever program you use to edit your photos, try giving a completely different look to three copies of the same photo.

Hydrangea Trip
Same photo with three different edits

One Subject Three Ways…

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Pick one item as your subject and then create three different scenes featuring your hero. Try perhaps different angles, different lighting, times of day, even different locations etc. Use other props, mix it up and get creative. Or use the same subject & framing, lighting etc with a different background? Same flower in a vase in different rooms or swap out the background? Try different lenses, different apertures, similar but different, same setup with a different fruit in each one, same vase, different flowers…it’s entirely up to you!

White 1 in 3
Same vase, same light, different flowers
Crate 1 in 3
Same vase, background and props, different flowers

Exploring different avenues can really spark your creativity, don’t forget to try swapping out different backgrounds too.

~ Julz

P.S. If you would really like to explore and learn more about Still Life photography, why not join the My Creative Still Life Journey Class?

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