Autumn Workshops – Gothic Steam Punk

We recently held a Gothic Steam Punk creative portraits workshop with the stunning Alexia Frost. We played with ambient natural light, studio strobes with soft and hard light, coloured gels, smoke, bubbles and more. Using my brand new seamless backdrop in Jet, and the GodoxAD400 studio strobes. Two hours of fun and creativity, not to mention the mess with the smoke bubbles (yes we combined them). Today it was all about direction and posing and harnessing different types of lighting.

Here are just a few of the fabulous images captured by workshop attendees John Janic and Wade Buchan…dark and moody and fabulous…

I even managed to snap some during the workshop and then Alexia and I played for a little while afterwards too…can’t let the attendees have ALL the fun 🙂

Would you like to join me for one of our studio workshops? Check out the website and don’t forget to join the V.I.P Workshop email list. We have a fabulous Carnival Jesters workshop coming up shortly.

~ Julie

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