Staring at Blank Walls – A 7-day creativity boot camp

For the past week I have had nearly 100 people from all walks of creative life and from several different countries involved in Staring at Blank Walls – a 7-day creativity boot camp. This was an idea I had a month or so ago and the fact that it went live as Melbourne was thrown back into a two week lockdown was quite timely. Many of the people who have joined and then in turn, joined the private Facebook group, have been quite enthusiastic and active with each daily challenge, I must admit it seems quite a few are from Melbourne.

Everyone seems to see each challenge in a slightly different light, and each and every person brings their own unique style and ideas to the front. Many have said that this is just the creative boost they needed get back into creating.

So what is it all about?

Well each morning I post a new brain training, each one a little different from the last. Just 5 minutes a day, but many get quite inspired and take longer than that. Some training, pushes people way out of their comfort zone – and that’s a good thing. Not everyone enjoys every challenge, but they take it on board, as a way to problem solve and have a bit of fun anyway. And I guess that’s the point.

Who is it for?

We have painters, digital artists, cooks, photographers, a writer (maybe two), people who craft and quilt and sew. It is for anyone who creates anything, but they just need a spark to get their mojo back.

Cozy Sunday afternoons with Dexter the dog, inspired by the exercises

So it’s not too late to join in, just because the first group have now finished, but we had people start mid-way through and now a new group is starting up…so you can too.

Oh…by the way, it’s 100% Free, yes FREE

It’s just my little way of giving back to the community that has already done so much for me – YOU!

So do you want to join in too? Click here

Yours in light and inspiration…


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