Creative Challenge – Bowl of fruit

I’ve been so busy with the Boot camp and other things I completely forgot to post this month’s challenge. Perhaps I am not the only one who has been super busy? So I thought we could keep things really simple, yet creative this month. Let’s get inspired by The Masters and shoot a simple, but intriguing bowl of fruit.

Creative Challenge

Grab a bowl, doesn’t have to be a fancy bowl, but something with some interest and place in some fruit. Try lighting it in different ways to create light and shadow and interest. I used some black board to block most of the light and create my background and then used subtle natural side light to light my scene.

I then brought my images into Lightroom and gave them a little tweak, this time with a preset called Classic #5 from a new collection I am working with. I tried moving the pears a little to get a pleasing style.

Don’t forget to tag #JuneChallenge & #BowlofFruit (and me) so I can check them out!

~ Julz

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