Spark – Grab some bits and pieces

Winter – cold, wet and totally an indoor season, right? Well, I feel that way. Not so good in the cold. So let’s keep it inside, nice and snug and warm. Time to grab some bits and pieces and try your hand at ephemera. So what is ephemera?

In a nutshell, to collectors “ephemera” are vintage printed or written items which originally served some specific purpose and were not expected to be retained or preserved, but which are now cherished. A few decades ago much of it was called “Paper Americana”, though ephemera is not necessarily American.

Challenge – Ephemera

Postcards, papers, books, and all sorts of collectibles can work here. Try setting up in front of a window and capturing that gorgeous wintery sun. I gathered a few bits and bobs and set up a few simple scenes. Nothing too elaborate…just a few simple items. I didn’t even use real flowers, just a few pretty artificial ones.

Don’t forget to share your images and use the hashtag #spark #ephemera

~ Julz

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