Spark – Minimalist

After a small break, I’m back and I am planning on keeping things simple, so let’s try for something a little minimalist? Minimalism is the complete opposite of Modernism or Abstracts. It is deceptively difficult to get right. Remember composition, light and shadow, and subject.

Challenge – Keep it simple

Grab some household items, a cup and saucer, a fork, a bowl or vase – set your scene. Keep your background super clean, with some white or black project paper or fabric. Try for natural window light or a small desk lamp. Capture the shape, the shadows. Is there grooves or textures? Does it make an interesting silhouette?

Don’t forget to share your images and use the hashtag #spark #minimalist

~ Julz


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  1. Wow, what amazing pics. I’ve always believed that constraints help with creativity, and your thematic photos show exactly that. Thanks for sharing!

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